Welcome to Specialized Offender Services (SOS). You probably have many questions about our treatment and what is expected. This page provides you with information regarding the treatment provided at SOS.

Specialized Offender Services, hereafter referred to a SOS, follows the Standards of the Sex Offense Management Board (SOMB) regarding treatment.

The SOMB also requires treatment to “be individualized to meet the unique needs and risk of the offender.” SOS utilizes the concepts of the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) protocol to provide individualized treatment.


The higher your risk, the more treatment you receive


Risk factors that significantly contributed to your offending behavior


Your ability to learn and integrate treatment topics into your life.


As one progresses in treatment, one will learn and discover more about oneself and the RNR elements. Treatment plans are customized according to the RNR protocols. Treatment is a process of assessment, planning, and intervention that is always changing based on the risk and needs of the client throughout treatment.

SOS uses cognitive behavioral techniques. We use manuals as “roadmaps” to treatment. There are five levels of treatment and each level has a manual. The five levels are:

You will develop your general safety plan so that you can improve your safety in the community, work on taking responsibility for your offending behavior, take your first polygraph within 90 days of treatment, and develop your formal introduction.

First step is the assessment of your RNR elements. You will also work on SOMB items and the Good Lives Model. You will develop an individualized plan for lowering your risk and improving your safety in the community. You will also take your sex history polygraph within 180 days of entering treatment.

Consists of identifying your offense pathway using the Self Regulation model. Your treatment is individualized based upon your pathway. You will also work on more SOMB required items.

This level prepares you for being off probation/ parole. You cover the final set of SOMB items and review that you’ve completed all the necessary elements. You also develop a future-oriented Good Lives Plan. This plan is part of your final Release Plan. If you remain on probation after completion of Level 3, you enter the Maintenance Program.

This is a support group to monitor ongoing compliance and address any issues that arise. This group meets once per month.

In addition to these levels, you will also attend Module groups that cover a wide range of topics to help you in specific areas. The Modules are selected based upon your needs. The Bootcamp and Levels groups meet once per week. The Module groups meet twice per month. You will also receive one individual session per month.

Completing the standard and cybersex program will take from three to five years depending upon your progress and motivation.

Every client progresses at their own pace. Remember, treatment is not school. Your progress is not just completing assignments, but also includes your ability to integrate the concepts into your life as well as make significant changes to the way you think and behave that may have contributed to your sexually offending behavior or other criminal acts.

You are expected to comply with your terms and conditions of probation as well as your treatment contract. You are expected to participate in treatment and make treatment a priority. You will gain much from treatment once you put your time and effort into making changes to your life.

At various times, you may receive information from probation or treatment regarding victim input into your treatment plan.

There are multiple goals of treatment. Foremost is community safety. For you personally, the goal is for you to become an honest and ethical contributor to society; becoming a person who feels good about themselves and what they contribute to their family, friends and the community at large. We encourage you to discover your goals and allow SOS to help you succeed. Your goals and the steps to achieve your goals will be incorporated into your treatment plan.

We look forward to working WITH you in helping you attain a life you can be proud of.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.” – Ekhart Tolle

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