5 Levels of Treatment

The Risk-Needs-Responsivity (RNR), Good Lives Model (GLM), and Self Regulation Model (SRM) are integrated into the SOMB-approved treatment protocol. All Phases are manual based and include two modules a month.

Weekly Groups

Boot Camp

  • 12-week introduction to community based treatment. Introduction to RNR & GLM.

Level 1 – Standard, Cybersex, & Low Risk

  • Introduction to the Good Lives Model (GLM)
  • For clients with Internet-based offenses

Level 2 – Standard, Cybersex, & Low Risk

  • Integration of the Self Regulation Model (SRM)

Level 3

  • Integrating treatment into life

Semi-Monthly Groups


  • Psycho educational sessions meeting for 6 -12 times as an adjunct to sex offender treatment

Monthly Groups


  • Aftercare program

Female Offender Program

  • Meets three times per month as a group and each client has an individual session per month.

Spanish Speaking Program

  • We have a Spanish speaking program. Please contact us for further information.
  • Tenemos un programa en español. Por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros para más información.


Specialized Offender Services offers the following evaluations in addition to our sex offender treatment:

  • Pre-Plea and Pre-Sentencing Psychosexual Mental Health Evaluations
  • Child Contact Assessment (CCA)
  • Substance Abuse Assessment
  • Substance Abuse Evaluation

“You can’t talk yourself out of what you’ve done and you can’t talk yourself into who you are.” – SOS Graduate

Increased Accountability

Groups in addition to Levels may be deemed necessary in order to facilitate a client’s successful completion of Sex Offender Treatment.

ER (Elevated Risk)

  • Additional one-hour per week program for those identified as being at elevated risk, i.e., failed polygraph. 12 week enrollment period.

IST (Intensive Specialized Treatment)

  • Additional 1.5 hour per week program for clients in jeopardy of being terminated because of technical violations. Also for those who have been unsuccessfully discharged from another treatment program. This decision is made in conjunction with the probation officer. One year enrollment period.


Couples Group

  • Monthly group session with client and their spouse.

5.7 Training Sessions

  • Quarterly training sessions to facilitate 5.7 approval.

Quarterly staffing

  • Probation officer and primary therapist to discuss client progress in treatment and on probation. No additional cost.

CSSN (Community Support Safety Network)

  • Quarterly meetings of client’s primary therapist, probation officer, and the client’s community support team. No additional cost.

Revocation Group

Meets weekly, for one hour, as a support and check-in group for offenders who are pending revocation. Offenders unsuccessfully discharged from any treatment program are welcome to this group!

Addictions Counseling

Minimum 24 week program, addictions counseling for sex offenders who have past/present substance abuse and/or addiction problems.

  • Random UAs/BAs
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